Tips On Creating Stronger Family Bonds

How do you create strong family bonds with your children? Read ahead to find out… family friendly resorts Phuket

Start things early   

Children learn pretty early on who to turn to when they are in trouble or who to look for when they need advice. As busy as you might be, start today, while your children are still small, to make memories together. Spend time with them and make them your priority. It’s also a good idea to make sure they are loved. No parent-teacher meeting is unimportant, and no match or recital they participating is too small for your time and effort. And this is something that both parents must remember. If you don’t make time for them today, you really should not expect them to make time for you when they grow older. This being said, you must remember that it’s never too late to make an effort with your children. Sure, they might not respond very well in the beginning, and you might have to work harder than you think to get them to trust you…but this is workable. 

Spend at least one meal time together as a family  

Food has almost a healing way of creating bonds; even with complete strangers. Try to make at least one meal mandatory for the entire family to eat together. Make this the time you all talk about your day. Try getting them involve in the cooking process as well. trust us, the food cooked by your entire family (along with the memories you make and the laughter you share) will be a lot better than the food found in the best restaurants in Patong in town. 

Make family vacations a normal thing  

When was the last time you took a vacation together? If it was too long to remember, change that today! Don’t wait for the holidays, as things might get complicated by then. Plan an impromptu weekend getaway; or if your kids are young enough, a week’s worth trip to your local family friendly resorts Phuket. Remember that as your kids grow older, they will have their own weekend trips…so make the most of the time when things are less complicated. 

Keep the communication lines open, and avoid the drama 

To help your child trust you, you must always let them know that they can always come to you; no matter how big their problem. Avoid dramatically reacting to things in a way your kids will be afraid to talk to you. Listen to them calmly, and try to keep a cool head. Make them feel like they can tell you anything; and you won’t fall apart or punish them without talking things through. Remember, unless you open up to them, and ask them for help or advice, they might be a little reluctant to do the same with you…