Top Places To Visit In Indonesia.

Indonesia is a south Asian country which is one of the number one tourist destinations because of its variety in ethnicity, beautiful beaches, forests, waterfalls, ancient place, volcanoes and islands located around the country. If you a planning to travel to a different country as a stress release or to have a fun time with your loves ones Indonesia provided all sorts of fun things and luxurious hotels. You can plane your journey according to the budget and your needs; Indonesia provides accommodations according to different budget levels which is one of the main reasons for people to travel to Indonesia.  

This article will provide a guide for you about the Indonesian places and activities you can do with your family and friends.  

  • Places  

Borobudur Temple: this is the world’s largest Buddhist temple and is located in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. This is regarded as a world heritage and is one of the must visit places in Indonesia even if you are not a Buddhist this is something you sure see the beautiful scenery is breathtaking.  

Ubud Monkey Forest:  this forest is located in the village of Padangtegal, this village is considered as a spiritual place by the villagers in Indonesia. The forest has over 700 species of monkeys as well as more types of trees, plants and other animal species.  

Prambanan: this is a historic temple located in Central Java, it is used to worship the god the creator of the world. The temple has three large temples made out of rocks on top of a mountain giving out beautiful scenery.  

  • Activities.  

Tree top adventure park: this park is located at Bali, if you are planning to have adrenaline rushing afternoon with your family this is the best place it be. It is a part surrounded with lush forest and has different games you can do on top of trees as well as on ground. 

Clubs in Bali:  many of the executive club Bali in Bali are outdoor clubs near the beach, this provides a beautiful beach view at night, clubs do not only include types of alcohol they also have other drinks making it more welcoming to any guest.   

Go surfing in Kuta: Kuta beach is located in Bali Indonesia, if you are a first time surfer and looking for calm slow waves this is the ideal beach. You can also receive surfing lessons. While getting surfing lessons you can stay in hotels in Jimbaran bay Bali which has the best foods from around Indonesia.  

The above mentioned activities and places to visit in Indonesia will provide a fun experience for you and your family making it one of the best trips ever. 

How Can You Save Money While Traveling?

Have you always wanted to travel to Bangkok but whenever you grabbed the newspapers and looked at the prices, it made you upset that the costs are so high? Are you and your friends planning on traveling together but since you have all just graduated college, neither of you have a large amount of cash so you are looking into ways you can travel while still staying within budget? 

No matter what your story is, if you travel a lot for work usually or if you are planning on making a trip, there is no denying that traveling can get quite expensive. But with a little research, you may be able to save large amounts of money during your travel, and even stay at hostels in Bangkokso read below to know how you can do this. 

Purchase your tickets online 

If you look at airline ticket prices online and on newspapers, you may notice that there is a huge price difference. This is because the agencies in your country that take people on tours charge for their services, the tours and other items as well so if you already know you want to stay at hostels in siem reap Cambodia and because you have either visited Cambodia before or after thorough research, you are feeling confident about doing your own travel, you can choose to purchase your tickets online. You can choose to fly in the middle of the week and at early morning hours as tickets for flights at these hours usually cost a little less than usual. You can also wait for offers on tickets and choose to fly on those days instead as well.  

Stay at hostels instead of hotels 

Any country you are traveling to will have hostels available that you can stay at comfortably and these also cost way less than if you were to book a room in an actual hotel. Hostels are especially great if you are planning on staying in the country and exploring it for a prolonged period of time or even if you only plan on coming back to your hotel or hostel to rest for the night because if you will not be spending the entire day at your hotel, it can be quite a waste of money to book one. Check out more here

Speak to the locals and walk as much as you can 

Speaking and interacting with the locals can not only help you find affordable services and get discounts but it can also help you find popular restaurants and bars that are popular with the locals so that you may visit them and experience more of the culture. You must also choose to walk or rent and ride a bicycle as much as you can as a lot of countries have very high service charges for taxis, especially when they notice you are a foreigner, they may even try to charge you more.