How To Choose The Right Hotel For Your Solo Business Woman Trip?

Travelling as a woman, around the world for business purposes or any purpose for that matter, is rather challenging, especially with the unexpected and unwanted encounters you may have to face, no matter what part of the world that it might be! So what do we want? Here are some things to look for and don’t ever settle for anything less!  

The reviews  

Before you decide on any kind of hotels in Luang Prabang, make sure that you check websites like TripAdvisor and read the reviews of those that have had previous experiences with the considering guesthouse or hotel. This way you know what you are signing yourself in to. Filter the comments and look for those specifically provided by solo business travelers and females. Make sure to pay attention to the negative comments as well. Try to understand the common issue addressed in such negative comments and decide on how in-depth of a problem it might be and the extent to which you would have to go to simply overcome such issues. If it is going to be a food issue then you should definitely give up on even considering the place, however if it might be something as simple as there not being someone to deliver your bags to your room, then you could disregard it to certain extent depending on the luggage weight you might have to bear. But do consider every little matter addressed in the reviews so you could skip out on having to experiencing such negative encounters.  

The facilities  

This is another important concern you have to give special priority especially when you are on a business trip with having the need to conduct meetings and such. Make sure that you gather all necessary information on the kind of facilities the hotel could provide you with in order to ensure you have a smooth stay where you can work while also relaxing in peace. Basic things like high speed Wi-Fi, a meeting room (if available), amazing food like those served in top restaurants in Luang Prabang and a peaceful environment are some facilities that you should look for when picking a place for such trips. So be mindful of the place you choose to stay in and if they cater towards your needs.  

Female friendly  

Let’s be real, with all the things we’ve got to pack and the number of luggage we’ve got to stuff, we still always seem to forget something or the other. How that happens is rather amazing though. Nevertheless, there are certain hotels that are female friendly and offer things like a curling iron, hair spray or any other necessity that you might need during your stay, so even if you might have forgotten on something, you wouldn’t have to worry too much about it. so do research and find for such places to enjoy a better stay during your trip. 

Consider the above and choose the best and safest places to stay in, while you get about your day to day business affairs!